Wifi boosters are also known as WiFi extender devices are best solutions for slow speed internet issues. You will need to install the WiFi extender devices are the middle location of your router and wireless or wired computers. D-Link wifi extender devices are best wifi booster devices that are available in the market and you can install and configure these advance devices using http:// dlinkap.local web address.

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We are a group of networking experts and we are helping thousands of users who are using the advance D-Link extender devices. we are not involved in any kind of support services for Dlink devices but we are only explaining the Dlink issues just in the form of expert blogs and articles. You can read these articles and easily access the login page for your device using Dlink extender login page.

In case you have any kind of suggestions for our website then you can contact us using the contact details that we have provided at contact us page. You must also visit our privacy policy so that you can have a clear view regarding the privacy guidelines that we are providing for your customers.

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